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Welcome to K1 Shah's Official Website!
K1 shah is an Iranian born music composer/Singer/rapper,

His lyrics contain his personal experiences. It is through K1's life experiences that flows his voice of poetry,  raping his experiences and hoping that the world will take notice and learn from the mistakes of the past and move towards a more peaceful existence where people can express themselves without the fear of loosing their lives.

" K1 say's the whole world is messed up, that the prejudice in its various forms is destroying the edifice of humanity. We are adjured by the Divine to eliminate all forms of prejudice from our lives. Our outer lives must show forth our beliefs. The world must see that, regardless of each passing whim or current fashion of the generality of mankind, We must not allow the fear of rejection by our friends and neighbors to deter us from our goal,
trace of prejudices are,
racial, religious, political, economic, national, tribal, class, cultural, and that which is based on differences of education or age.

The amazing story telling track "Stressed" is now available on iTunes and all other Digital retailers around the world!
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Persian hip-hop artist K1 Shah has started to reach new heights! His Youtube channel hosts Nine original videos which have collectively pulled over a million views!

Over the years, K1 Shah has released Music which all lyrically display the deep raw emotion of his own personal experiences, showing a sense of vulnerability, but also a real admirable strength.

A documentary about K1’s life is currently in production which focuses on his life and his travels to Australia from Iran. It will provide an insight into the struggles that K1 has been through on his amazing journey and highlights how he uses music to reflect on not only his personal experiences but also on world issues.

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K1 SHAH has just recently completed his new Single called “Traveler”

Scheduled to be released in around November 2017,

Stay tuned.

K1 Shah documentary in Post-Production.

New single  2016


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